Important points in a triangle

Here you can see several works about geometry, made by students of 1st level (1º ESO B):

Andrea Hermida

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Andrea

Daniel Torrejón

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Dani

Paula Barcia

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Paula

Beatriz Real

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Beatriz


Problems about systems of equations

Problems about systems of equations

Friezes and mosaics

I would like you to take a look at these works. They are made by students that belong to third level of ESO (3rd B). Their names are:

Marta Morilla:

Marta Morilla

Irene Real:

Irene Real

David Rojas


Teresa Campos:

Teresa Campos





If you want to know something else about trigonometry click here:

Trigonometry (Theory)

Equations and systems of equations

Equations and systems of equations

Exercises about all kind of equations and systems_4 eso

Exponential and logarithmic equations

Exponential and logarithmic equations

Exercises about: Exponential and logarithmic equations_4ºeso



Exercises about:  Radicals_ 3º y 4ºESO