Important points in a triangle

Here you can see several works about geometry, made by students of 1st level (1º ESO B):

Andrea Hermida

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Andrea

Daniel Torrejón

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Dani

Paula Barcia

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Paula

Beatriz Real

Puntos notables de un triangulo_Beatriz




We can find a lot of geometric forms everywhere, therefore if you need to learn more about lengths, areas, etc… click here:Unit 9_Basic Areas and Pythagorean theorem



If you want to know something more about rules of three, percentages…click here:

Unit 8_Proportions and percentages 1eso


Exercises about first degree equations

Exercises about equations I_1eso

Exercises about equations II _1eso



Polynomials, algebraic expressions, numeric value, equations, etc…

LESSON 6 and 7 _Algebra and equations 1eso

Algebraic expression

Algebraic expressions

In maths we have an especial code to express sentences in a more simple way. Here you can find some exercises about this. LESSON 6_Algebraic expressions

Fractions exercises

Fractions exercises

Fractions Exercises 1

Fractions Exercises 2

Fractions Exercises 3