Greek Music

Greek Music


Seikilos Epitaph – Song of Seikilos



Hearings (Audiciones Recomendadas)

Middle Ages and Renaissance

  1. Epitafio de Seikilos. Greek Music.
  2. Ráfaga Gregoriano. Fragmentos de Canto Gregoriano.
  3. Cantiga nº 47. Virgen Santa María. Alfonso X El Sabio.
  4. O Fortuna. Carmina Burana. Carl Off.
  5. Victimae Paschali Laudes. Wipo de Borgoña.
  6. Romance La Partida del Esposo. Anónimo.
  7. Más Vale Trocar. Juan del Encina.
  8. Mille Regretz. Josquin Des Prèz.
  9. Flow my Tears. John Downland.


  1. When I am laid in earth. Dido y Eneas. H. Purcell.
  2. Cuatro Estaciones de Vivaldi. Primavera, verano, otoño, invierno.
  3. Mein Jesus schweight de la Pasión según San Mateo. J.S. Bach.
  4. Badinerie de la Suite nº 2 en Sim. BWV1067. J.S. Bach.
  5. El Mesías. Haendel.
  6. Dido y Eneas. Purcell.
  7. Rejouissance. Música para los reales fuegos de artificio. GF Haendel.


  1. Andante del concierto nº 21 para piano. WA Mozart.
  2. Don Giovanni. Mozart + El Barnero de Sevilla Rossini.
  3. Sonata en Do M. KV 545. Mozart.
  4. Gluck. Orfeo y Eurídice. Che Fàro Senza Euridice.
  5. La Flauta Mágica. Mozart.
  6. Boccherini. Quinteto de cuerda. Op 13. nº 5.
  7. Fernando Sor. O cara armonia.
  8. Sinfonía nº 89. 2º mov. Hayden.

Romanticism / Nationalism

  1. O mio Bambino caro. Opera Gianni Schiachi. G Puccini.
  2. Pequeña canción popular. Álbum de la juventud. Op 68. R Schumann.
  3. Standchen del cicle El Cante del Cisne. F Schubert.
  4. Berlioz. Sinfonía Fantástica.
  5. Chopin. Preludio nº 4 en Mi m.
  6. Bellini. Norma Casta Diva.
  7. Bizet. Carmen L’amour est un oisseau rebelle.
  8. Wagner. La cabalgata de las Valkirias.
  9. Smetana. Mi patria. El Moldava
  10. Mussorgsky. Cuadros de una exposición.
  11. Tchaikovsky. El lago de los cisnes.
  12. Verdi. Nabucco.

Twentieth Century

  1. Danza del fuego. El Amor brujo. M de Falla.
  2. Wozzek. Berg.
  3. Porgy and Bess. Gershwin.
  4. Gavota. Sinfonía Clásica. S Prokofiev.
  5. Gershwin. Rapsodia in blue (comienzo).
  6. Debussy. Preludio a la siesta de un fauno.
  7. Schoenberg. Pierrot Lunaire.
  8. Stravinsky. La consagración de la primavera.
  9. Honegger. Pacific 231.
  10. Varése. Ionización.
  11. Satie. Gymnopedie nº 1.
  12. Joaquín Rodrigo. Concierto de Aranjuez (2º mov. Adagio).


In this unit you will find different aspects about films and music. I would like from you to have a look to them and do the exercises.

First, you will find some information about how music is composed  in films, after this, let’s do the activities. 02.Film&Music.

To continue, what about the hystory of film music? . I’ m sure that you will find some curiosities there. 01.The History of Film Music

Dance and movement


         ♣  Are you a perfect dancer? Or do you know what a coreographer does? Or … maybe     chinese dance is your best. We are sure that you could answer all of this questions at the end of the unit. Let`s start doing a coreography, it is very easy.Click here and follow the instructions


   And now,   ¿What is Haka maorí? ¿What does Ka Mate mean? Once, a teacher of Haka said that it is “Kia korero te katoa o te tinana” o “El cuerpo entero debe hablar”.

 Haka is a composition of many instruments. Hands, feet, legs, body, voice, tongue and eyes. All together can show you happyness, welcoming, healthy...


 Dragon dance (simplified Chinese: 舞龙; traditional Chinese: 舞龍;) is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture. Like the lion dance it is most often seen in festive celebrations. Many Chinese people often use the term “Descendants of the Dragon” (龍的傳人 or 龙的传人, lóng de chuán rén) as a sign of ethnic identity, as part of a trend started in the 1970s. Another derivation is from (農的傳人) i.e. the descendants of Shennong, the legendary first king of the Chinese people who taught them agriculture, law and medicine, the foundations of civilization.Chinese dance has its own unique lexicon, significance, and organized fabrication that provide a platform to dance up to its full extent and represents the thoughts and feelings with contentment and elegance.

        But maybe what you really need is concentration, in this case chinese dance will be your therapy. Try here.


Musical lenguage exercices

Flats and Sharps ,worksheet__music_signs_flats_and_sharps

Rhythm chart  worksheet__counting_rhythms_chart

Piano staff worksheet__piano_keys_and_notes_on_the_staff

Time signature worksheet_time_signature

Signs of time  worksheeT_signs_of_the_times





All of us have different voices, do you know why? Are you able to recognize somebody on the phone?. The reason is his/her voice. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE…

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