Students of the 4th Class / Years 2012-2016 (4ª Promoción)


Year 2012-2013





3º B’s Trip to Bray (Ireland) May 2012

3º B’s School Trip to Bray (Ireland)

13th – 18th May 2012

Bray is a small town located on the east coast of the Republic of Ireland. It’s very near Dublin, so our students have had the opportunity to learn and practice their English at a great school, and also to visit the capital of the country.

Here you have some photographs of their wonderful experience.

Would you like to come next year?


2º A’s trip to Gibraltar (May 2012)

2º A’s trip to Gibraltar

9th May 2012

        Our 2º ESO Bilingual students went on a trip to Gibraltar with Miss Manuela Lobo (the Spanish teacher) and Miss Mercedes González (the English teacher).

       They went on a tour by mini-buses and they visited Europa Point, St Michael’s cave and the city centre. They also saw a lot of typical things such us the old walls, the nature reserve, the Garrison Library, the apes, etc. They enjoyed a lot with the monkeys!

See more photographs of our trip: 2ºA’s trip to Gibraltar.

Students of the 3rd Class / Years 2011-2015 (3ª Promoción)


Year 2011 – 2015

Mark McMillan’s Christmas Lesson 2011/2012

This is our new language assistant, Mark McMillan, giving his Christmas lesson to our students from 1º D.

Students of the 2nd Class / Years 2010-2014 (2ª Promoción)


Year 2010/2011

Brittany’s Farewell Party – Feb’2011

Unfortunately, our Language Assistant, Brittany, is going back to the USA in March. So, we won’t have her in class and consequently, we will miss her a lot.

She is a lovely teacher and person, so the students from 1º A and 2º B prepared a special Farewell Party to say goodbye.