Brittany’s Farewell Party – Feb’2011

Unfortunately, our Language Assistant, Brittany, is going back to the USA in March. So, we won’t have her in class and consequently, we will miss her a lot.

She is a lovely teacher and person, so the students from 1º A and 2º B prepared a special Farewell Party to say goodbye.




Christmas Music Festival 2010

Christmas Music


Some of our bilingual students also participated in our Music Festival to celebrate Christmas.

Some of them played instruments, others sang Christmas songs, and the rest were between the audience.

Do you want to see some pictures? Here you are:

We can see Paola, Enrique, Laura, Marta and Jaime from 1º A singing in the choir.


Here we have Carmen Rosety from 2º B playing the flute.


Miguel Mota from 2º B played the drums.


Agueda from 2º B played the piano with Susana, the Music teacher.


Celia and Marta from 2º B played the violin while Miguel and Pedro from 2º B sang in the choir with Domingo Mariscal and Ana Mariscal.


Ahlam from 2º B played the piano. It was her first performance, and she did it very well.


Some part of the AUDIENCE:


Everything was possible thanks to our organisers: the teachers Domingo Mariscal and Susana Rubio, and the help of Beatriz Bernal and a lot of students from IES Carlos Cano.

Thank you very much for this wondelful event!

1º A’s Mystery Friend 2010

1º A’s Mystery Friend

Our students from 1º A participated in the activity “Mystery Friend” and they exchanged very nice presents to celebrate Christmas. Here you can see some pictures:

Brittany’s Christmas Sessions 2010

Christmas Sessions

Our language assistant, Brittany, gave a special Christmas Lesson to our bilingual students from groups 1º A and 2º B.

She explained the most common ways of celebrating Christmas in her country, the USA. So she explained Christmas, Hanukkah (Jewish) and Kwanzaa (African).

Here you can see her explaining:

Here you can see our students from 1º A and 2º B:

If you want to learn Vocabulary about Christmas, click on the following link:


Christmas Cards Competition 2010

Christmas Card Competition for Bilingual Students

Students from 1º A and 2º B participated in this competition, but only a few.

I hope that next year more students can participate designing beautiful Christmas Cards.

Here you can see three Christmas cards from 1º A, and two cards from 2º B:

And the winners were:

Irene Real from 1º A

Alberto Torrejón from 2º B

Halloween Sessions 2010

Halloween Sessions with Brittany

This is Brittany telling the students about how American people celebrate Halloween.

These are the students from the Bilingual Group 1º A 

 These are the students from the Bilingual Group 2º B

And Brittany finished her sessions giving the students some typical Halloween candy.



Dress up and Have a…

Brittany Whitmore – Year 2010-2011

Here you can see our 1º A students with our American Language Assistant: Brittany.

Welcome to IES Carlos Cano, Brittany!